Can I Hire A Security Guard On Staff?

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There is some confusion regarding the possibility for companies to hire a security guard directly on the staff, as is done with any other employee. Many people believe that it can be done, as this would save some cost to the company, but that is completely false.

You can only hire a Security Watcher through a Security and Surveillance Company.

This is made clear by the Private Security Law 23/1992 in its article 1, which specifies that only private security activities and services of this nature can be performed by security companies duly approved.

In addition, as required by Article 12 of Law 23/1992, security guards must be integrated into security companies in order to carry out their duties. Any such breach of the Private Security Act may be considered to be very serious to slight and both customers and employees be punished with the same harshness.

As an example, if a Security Watchman works for a company forming part of the company’s personnel, he loses all legal rights that assist him to exercise any surveillance and protection function. Therefore, you cannot register a person if there is suspicion of the commission of a crime when the security arc of a trade is shot, or ask the DNI to identify a person. And if he did, a sanction could be placed on the premises and the Security Officer himself.

Any company or business that needs a Security Vigilante must contract its services through a security company duly homologated, that meets all the requirements required by the Law. This is the only way to obtain a professional service that guarantees the protection of your assets and of the people who are there.

Fast Guard Service Security Services Company responsible for hiring security guards, verifying that they have the necessary qualification (TIP) and always up-to-date knowledge, are responsible for designing an action plan and work for each specific service and for supervising the correct operation of the security services for each client, with the necessary inspections and training.

A different case would be that of Service Assistants, who perform other functions of lesser responsibility, which are complementary to those of security guards and are prohibited from doing, such as maintenance, reception, etc.

This type of personnel, which is not supervised by the police, can be hired directly by the companies that need these services. In that case it could save some initial costs, but also a waiver of the benefits of outsourcing these services, as the auxiliary companies are in charge of inspecting the staff and the correct development of their work, train the worker and plan their working day, take care of surpluses for vacations or casualties, and assume all the labor and contractual responsibilities with that employee.

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How To Protect Yourself In Case Of Fire

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Summer came, and in addition to the beach, pool and vacation, summer comes with a lot of heat and dryness in the environment, plus some thunderstorms. All this can cause a fire. It can also be provoked or accidental by someone’s recklessness. We may be talking about a forest fire or a fire in your own home. Since the fire danger is greater in summer, the company Fire Watch giving you a series of tips that you can comfortably read and will serve you in case you are ever in a fire. Explain these indications also to your children so that they know how to react to this situation. It is essential that they know that the most dangerous thing in a fire is not fire, but gases (smoke).

The basic rules of action that should be followed in case of fire and what should be taught to the children are the following:

  • If it is a small fire and we have a fire extinguisher at hand it is best to turn it off after calling the firemen and following the indications of these by telephone while they arrive.
  • Of course nobody should stop to take personal objects, because we can lose them and also life.
  • In case of fire avoid inhaling smoke by covering your mouth and nose with a wet or damp garment to prevent these toxic gases from entering our lungs.
  • To escape from the stay and the fire it is best to go as close to the ground as possible, as the smoke rises, so crawling will prevent us from inhaling even more smoke.
  • When you go out the door you should touch it first and if it is hot it is best not to open it because there could be fire outside and it would spread even more.
  • Never, never use the elevator in case of fire, since the opening of the appliance is the ideal place that works as a fire chimney, so it is more dangerous than going down the stairs.
  • If they have fire around the clothing they should fall to the ground and roll over themselves to extinguish the fire. This is very important to teach children.
  • Never enter the building again for someone, it is best to wait for the fire department to take care of it.

The best thing for these techniques to be taught by children and the elderly is to do small drills at home, in addition to school, and take them as games that have to pass according to the rules: maximum times, meeting points and all previous recommendations.

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How To Choose A Good Web Design Company – Helpful Tips

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Undoubtedly, choosing a good web design company in lagos or anywhere over the globe is one of the main concerns or fears of new entrepreneurs. When you start a business you know that you play a lot in this decision, so it is a bit complicated and sometimes stressful to make a good decision.

The A- Team was a group of people who work at no cost to try to help people, we all remember the legendary television series , but you will not find when you ‘re creating your web project, as individuals or companies we propose to do our project at a very affordable price and do us a favor, in fact they will be doing the opposite and we will cause a conflict that we must solve, and then we will need to  look for Team A to help us solve this problem. Joking aside, to avoid this situation you just have to apply common sense and be alert to the indicators that I will explain later.

I have decided to write this article because in the last 2 weeks I have received 5 emails from entrepreneurs who want to help them find a good company for their projects. In this article I will try to elucidate some indicators that can help us detect what is known as pseudo-professional.

Do Not Pinch When Choosing A Good Web Design Company

When we are going to create the web of our business we always have the fear of making a bad decision when choosing the company that will design and create the website of our company. This decision is very important for different reasons, since we are investing a lot of time, effort and money in the new project, so it is fundamental that we can fully rely on the professionalism of those who will create our web.

How Can I Be Sure Of Choosing A Good Web Design Company?

There is no infallible technique that prevents us from stumbling over pseudo-professionals in the creation of a website but certain indicators that can help us to rule out a company or person.

We can use these indicators for any web project, whatever it may be; corporate website, company blog, online store, etc.

10 Indicators That Will Help Us Rule Out A Web Design Company

1.- Very Low Cost.

If the person who is going to create the web does it for a ridiculous price, everything makes us suspect that we are not before a professional, do not let yourself be driven by the optimistic impulse of how cheap your web project will go, because when they run a few months you will see that you will be very expensive to have made that decision. A professional web, like any other professional, values ​​his work very well therefore we must avoid deceptive offers since the only thing that will serve us is to have a bad letter of presentation on the Internet of our company.

2.- Proprietary Software

Although it seems incredible there are still companies that work with self-created and modular web tools that use them to create the websites of their customers, but this is a bad decision for 2 reasons mainly; the first because it generates a total dependence on the company that creates our website, and the second because the tool will in all probability go far behind in functionalities with other solutions on the market. There are other additional problems like staying with a version for centuries of centuries or the high costs of updating and maintenance.

3.- Professional Experience Of Less Than 3 Years

If the professional that realizes your web project has little experience, this logically will affect the result of the web; will affect aesthetic, functional, management, usability, programming, etc.

There are no 2 equal web projects and if you are a professional with more than 5 years of experience, you can better analyze which is the most appropriate tool for your project.

4.- Cover Letter

I believe that nobody today wants to have a website as a cover letter, that does not have a good visibility in both the search engine and social networks, and therefore does not report any customer or sale, so it is very important to look for a company or professional that has knowledge in both subjects; on the one hand in the creation of webs and on the other hand in the online marketing.

5.- Few Cases Of Success Similar To Our Project

Like any new web project you are going to start a difficult and risk-free process, but you should never deposit the trust of your project in someone who has little or no experience in projects similar to yours, or what is the same, NEVER let your project becomes a test or test of an inexperienced person, this is the same as doing bungee jumping but without rope, the bump can be terrible.

6.- Inquires The Own Website Of The Company Or Professional

If you see something strange or distrustful analyzing the company’s website, do not dismiss it, there are no excuses like “we have not finished the web because we have not stopped doing projects”, “the web we have a little abandoned because we do not have time “,” we do not have time to review our own website “,” at the blacksmith’s house “, etc.  Always avoid all the bickering, and choose a company for their professionalism, experience and especially for its transparency.

7.- Contact With Clients Of The Company

A good way to have positive or negative feedback is to contact a customer of the company. It is very common for companies to advertise the web projects they have done, so that we can access the clients’ web sites and contact them. I recommend that you prepare 3 or 4 very simple questions of the type; Are you happy with the work done? Positive aspects of the work with the company ?, If there were, what things did not you like from the experience of working with this company? and finally, has the project met your expectations?

8.- Visit The Company And Meet With The Work Team

Normally when we are going to hire the services of a company we only talk with the commercial, which like any commercial will know to generate confidence and security about the reliability of the company itself, but we should not only stay there, but we must ask to know the people who are supposed to do our project with names and surnames, so that we know who will design our website and who will program it, and who will direct and supervise the project, the objective is to identify whether the work will be performed by more or less professional people, and with more or less experience .

9.- Analyze The Presence Of The Company In Social Networks

This aspect is very important if you are going to hire a social media strategy, since it does not make sense to hire a marketing company that has 50 fans on Facebook and 50 followers on Twitter. This indicator makes us realize that we are in front of a company with little experience, and therefore inexperienced.

10.- It Analyzes The SEO Position Of The Company

This aspect is important if we are going to hire an SEO strategy for our web, and you do not need to have thematic knowledge you just have to do simple searches on Google or use SEMRush and place the web that we want to analyze, and it will show us 10 free results of your best words positioned in the search engine, or should you oppose a company to position your business when it has a null or invaluable positioning in the search engine ?, I think not.

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What Is A Commercial Bridge Loan?

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Bridging loans are a type of loan commonly used in real estate transactions involving commercial real estate. According to the “Principles of Real Estate Finance”, the bridge loan is a temporary form of financing that buyers use for a period of time ranging between two weeks and a maximum of three years. The term bridge refers to the temporary nature of funding and the need to ensure long-term financing to replace short-term loan. When they used

Bridge Loans

Buyers often use bridge loans when they have to close a transaction quickly. The bridge loan allows the buyer to ensure ownership and work on the details of the long-term financing at a later date. Another common situation where you may decide to get a bridge loan is in case of foreclosure. Commercial property owners often use bridge loans to secure a loan to prevent foreclosure.

Bridge loans

Bridge loans generally have higher interest rates and other types of loans. The higher interest rate risk derives from the bridge loan for the lender. With reduced loan, the lender does not know for sure that the buyer is another long-term source of funding. Therefore, the bridge loans have a higher default rate. In addition, lenders offer both fixed-term and open bridging loans. Open bridge loans have no specific date set at the time of origination of the loan settlement.

Commercial vs. Residential

Short term bridging loans are typically associated with commercial properties. Investors often buy commercial real estate for the purpose of business and making money. Therefore, as buyers of commercial real estate shop as investments, lenders have less risk of making bridge loans to buyers of real estate buyers of commercial and residential real estate. In addition, lenders can review the history of the company, as part of the credit assessment when you make a commercial bridge loan. Lenders have not been able to make such an assessment by residential real estate.

Find An Exit Strategy

Lenders also study the exit strategy of the bridge loan applicant in assessing applicants commercial bridge loans. In other words, the lender wants to know how and when the owner of commercial property to pay or refinance the bridge loan. Given the exit strategy, bridging loans lenders are able to estimate the risk of default. The terms and conditions surrounding bridging loans vary from loan to loan and lender to lender. Therefore, you should always fully understand the terms and conditions associated with a specific bridge loan before signing the loan contract specifications.

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Does Extenze Work? Reviews, Price, Review

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Extenze is by far one of the leaders in producing all-natural pills marketed as male enhancers. With commercials in more than 6 different languages ​​and millions of capsules sold, it has quickly become the #1 brand in non-prescription drug sales. But does it really work?

Extenze Overview

Manufactured by a company called Biotab Nutraceuticals, this brand is sold sold at more than 15 of the biggest sellers. According to their official website, they claim that Extenze provides a temporary increase in the size of its member by forcing more blood through the chambers that exist in the penis. This allows you to experience a small increase in sexual stamina and an increase in erection quality, in addition to having more pleasurable sex.

Extenze Ingredients

There is a long list of extenze ingredients, many of which can be found in several of the products of its competitors. It actually contains hormones such as DHEA and pregnenolone, plus an energizing blend of black pepper, piper longum, and ginger root.

One of the ingredients of rigor is the yohimbe, a controversial but effective natural aphrodisiac. While most competing products generally contain about 7 – 8 mg of yohimbe, Extenze contains 12.5 mg of that substance. It also contains the following ingredients: Tribulus terrestris, Korean ginseng, deer antler velvet, xanthroparmelia scarbosa, Cnidium monnier, goat herb in heat, pumpkin, l-arginine hcl, licorice extract and boron.

User Reviews

There are literally thousands of reviews and testimonials throughout the internet. From blogs on personal experiences, to ratings on Amazon; It is not difficult to find someone who talks about the product. Here is a small sample of some of the results obtained by users:

“I tried extenze after watching a TV commercial and got my pills a few days later in the mail. It seemed to be a very good product from the beginning, and have many positive reviews on the part of many men. Well, when I started taking it I felt a bit nauseous, and I felt like I was going to vomit. Well, I did not and half an hour later I was ready to start. It was like a switch, an instant power booster.”

Price And Availability Of Extenze

Extenze is very easy to find since you can get it on most shelves in almost all convenience stores or in supermarkets. The average price is around $ 60 for a month’s supply, but there are some test packages available on the company’s website and in local stores. Your free trial program costs only $ 0.98 for shipping, and you can take advantage of it on your official website.

Official Conclusion

Based on our results, we must agree that Extenze can actually help increase the size of your erection, but only in a minor proportion. The intention of this supplement is to increase your pleasure during sex, not increase the size of your penis. We experience some minor side effects, including light nausea, and official packaging explains the range of possible side effects you may experience. Each man responds differently to these pills, so it is very difficult to tell if they are right or not for you. If you want an effective product that gives some flavor to the action in the bedroom, try this pill.

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