You have invested a lot in your car and never wish to let its engine break down sooner. Choice of engine oil is crucial in enhancing engine performance and ultimately performance of your car. The options for car engine oil are many but making the right choice for buying best synthetic motor oil will not only save you money but also your car.

Since its introduction in the market, synthetic oil has become a darling for many car owners simply because of its amazing advantages like it being cheaper in price, easy flow, improved engine performance and less engine wear.

Synthetic oil is known for its state of the art protection and performance to your car. This level of performance and protection goes even higher each year. Shopping around for cars, you realize that most of the new models hold less oil but stress the oil more with high temperatures. For this reason synthetic oil comes in as the ideal type as it heats less even in higher temperature. With the mineral oils, they heat up really quickly thus losing its viscosity causing a lot of wear and tear in the engine. This means your engine may not operate for a long time as compared to when you use the synthetic type.

Most of the new models of cars have a really high performance engine which demands for a type of oil that can withstand the performance and none does better than synthetic engine oil. With the new model designers, they initially thought of building large oil coolers to help in the case of the use of mineral oils but that is no more since the introduction of this type of oil that offers the best performance because of its properties. Today the designers have nothing to worry with the high temperatures.

Mineral oils are known to heat up really fast even at low temperatures making them thick and hard flow within the engine unlike the synthetic type that flows easily which further reduces wear of the engine.

Many people were worried of the mineral type of oils for a number of reasons but oil manufacturers had to find a solution to that and they came up with this highly efficient type of oil that is not only cost effective but also efficient for use in your engine.  This is a high grade type of oil that you should always think of when going to the market to shop.