Those who love to wear sleeveless dresses or have got a favorite sleeveless dress for any special occasion may sometimes find themselves with a common problem of darkened armpits. Many people find it embarrassing to have it and they constantly look for an effective answer to how to get rid of dark armpits. This article will take a look at some causes of armpit darkening and how to get rid of it.

What Are Some Causes Of Armpit Darkening & How To Get Rid Of Dark Armpits?


Some Of The Common Causes Of Darkened Armpits & Their Remedy Are Listed Below:

  • Shaving of armpit hair is one of the common causes for darkened armpit. This is because the blade of the razor doesn’t uproot the hair; rather it cuts off a good portion of the hair from the surface of the armpits, leaving sub surface hair on the surface of the armpits. Now, we all know that the colour of the hair is darker than the skin; therefore it remains visible as a dark patch on the surface of the armpit skin. Also shaving can cause irritation of the skin and make red patches appear in case if you shave harshly or hurry with shaving. In many cases- there may be small bumps on the skin which can get cut or if you are not careful with shaving, you can also cut your skin.
  • The only remedy for this is to use a waxing solution to remove the armpit hairs from the armpits properly. Waxing may seem quite daunting and painful, but it does have a lot of benefit for the skin. It will uproot the armpit hair properly so that the sub surface hair is also uprooted as well. Also with waxing your armpit over a period of time, the hair that will grow on your armpits will be lighter in texture and easier to remove as well. Also it will remove the hair to make the skin appear smooth and supple, which is not the case of shaving the armpits. If you want to soothe your skin afterwards, then you can use aloe vera gel which you can apply on the armpits and then wash it off. If your skin is already darkened from using razor blade to cut the armpit hair, then you can use this method to get rid of the darkened colour of the skin. You can also use papaya, either as slices or juice which can be dabbed on the skin with cotton blob and washed away after 15 to 30 minutes later and this should be used regularly.


Accumulation of dead skin cell is another main reason for the armpits to darken. Since the body constantly produces dead skin cells that need to be shed off from the skin, otherwise it will cause the darkening of the skin.  There are many natural exfoliating ingredients that you can use right from your kitchen such as: brown sugar, granulated sugar and also dried orange peels mixed with other types of skin lightening agents.