Extenze is by far one of the leaders in producing all-natural pills marketed as male enhancers. With commercials in more than 6 different languages ​​and millions of capsules sold, it has quickly become the #1 brand in non-prescription drug sales. But does it really work?

Extenze Overview

Manufactured by a company called Biotab Nutraceuticals, this brand is sold sold at more than 15 of the biggest sellers. According to their official website, they claim that Extenze provides a temporary increase in the size of its member by forcing more blood through the chambers that exist in the penis. This allows you to experience a small increase in sexual stamina and an increase in erection quality, in addition to having more pleasurable sex.

Extenze Ingredients

There is a long list of extenze ingredients, many of which can be found in several of the products of its competitors. It actually contains hormones such as DHEA and pregnenolone, plus an energizing blend of black pepper, piper longum, and ginger root.

One of the ingredients of rigor is the yohimbe, a controversial but effective natural aphrodisiac. While most competing products generally contain about 7 – 8 mg of yohimbe, Extenze contains 12.5 mg of that substance. It also contains the following ingredients: Tribulus terrestris, Korean ginseng, deer antler velvet, xanthroparmelia scarbosa, Cnidium monnier, goat herb in heat, pumpkin, l-arginine hcl, licorice extract and boron.

User Reviews

There are literally thousands of reviews and testimonials throughout the internet. From blogs on personal experiences, to ratings on Amazon; It is not difficult to find someone who talks about the product. Here is a small sample of some of the results obtained by users:

“I tried extenze after watching a TV commercial and got my pills a few days later in the mail. It seemed to be a very good product from the beginning, and have many positive reviews on the part of many men. Well, when I started taking it I felt a bit nauseous, and I felt like I was going to vomit. Well, I did not and half an hour later I was ready to start. It was like a switch, an instant power booster.”

Price And Availability Of Extenze

Extenze is very easy to find since you can get it on most shelves in almost all convenience stores or in supermarkets. The average price is around $ 60 for a month’s supply, but there are some test packages available on the company’s website and in local stores. Your free trial program costs only $ 0.98 for shipping, and you can take advantage of it on your official website.

Official Conclusion

Based on our results, we must agree that Extenze can actually help increase the size of your erection, but only in a minor proportion. The intention of this supplement is to increase your pleasure during sex, not increase the size of your penis. We experience some minor side effects, including light nausea, and official packaging explains the range of possible side effects you may experience. Each man responds differently to these pills, so it is very difficult to tell if they are right or not for you. If you want an effective product that gives some flavor to the action in the bedroom, try this pill.