In the US, the company Ciba, Dianabol is the second oral steroid ever be produced. Dianabol came to popularity in the bodybuilding hall like gold in Venice in the 1970s. Some halls went so far as to sell pills behind the counter.

It remains one of the most popular oral steroids because of its effectiveness in helping athletes to gain muscle mass quickly. Dianabol users can expect to put on 3-5 pounds of muscle a week!

Dianabol is a legal steroid and can be obtained at a pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription, problems with Dianabol are not legal issues, but related to the dosage and side effects.

A lot of people have trouble getting the right dose of Dianabol, especially if you are new to steroids and do not have experience with performance enhancing drugs.


For Dianabol is short, it is the effect only lasts a few hours, how to properly use medications need to share it and take twice a day. However, many users choose to supplement before training the day.

Dianabol is the main side effect is that it causes damage to the liver, such as hepatoxic substance. This is why it is important to limit the use of D-bol in 3-6 weeks and during your cycle properly.

Other side effects include Dianabol, unprovoked aggression, male pattern baldness, oily skin, acne, high blood pressure leading to heart attack or stoke, Enlarged breast tissue in men known as Gynocomastia and water retention.

With a lengthy list of side effects, you can see why someone would find an alternative to Dianabol which can produce similar results without the side effects.

In this review, D-Bal, we will be looking at the crazy mass attempt not only that.

As the D-Bal really work?

D-Bal works by increasing nitrogen retention in the muscle cells.

Improved nitrogen retention allows better protein synthesis.

So you can save more protein you eat.

Since the protein building block of muscle, better protein synthesis and retention of equal bigger stronger muscles.

The retention of nitrogen is very important because even if you eat a high protein diet focused on adding lean mass, if your body can not process protein will be lost.

D-Bal also uses Branch Chain Amino acids to make sure that you are able to train harder and more that your body will be able to preserve muscle mass as a child down.