After decades of home swimming pool ownership, cleaning remains one of the biggest chores associated with the ownership of in-ground pools. Polaris 380 Pool Cleaners simplify that job. Equipped with three powerful jets, the cleaners remove dirt and other material from both a pool’s walls and bottom. The debris accumulates in the cleaner’s filter bag for easy disposal. To operate, the pool cleaners require a separately sold booster pump. Some benefits of the Polaris 380 Pool Cleaners include

  • Reduced Cleaning Time. Depending upon the size of the swimming pool, the cleaning process only takes up to three hours. The cleaner’s speed explains why many people choose Polaris over other pool cleaners. For example, with this cleaner, pool cleaning done in the morning does not interfere with a party held in the afternoon.

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  • All Areas Of Pool Cleaned. No matter the shape or size of a swimming pool, Polaris 380 Pool Cleaner have the ability to clean it thoroughly including the bottom and the sides. The pool cleaner’s debris and stain removal brush takes care of stubborn stains, and other substances such as minerals from the water that have hardened to a concrete consistency. The brush makes quick work of the stains and build-up without physical labor on the owner’s part. The brush also removes all fungus and algae.
  • Booster Pump.Polaris 380 Pool Cleaners’ enhancements include the use of a booster pump that operates independently from the pool system. This kind of set up means the water flows through the pool system without interruption and water movement remains normal throughout the entire cleaning process.
  • Filter Bag Included. The Polaris 380 Pool Cleaner comes equipped with an effective filter bag. The bag catches debris prior to its movement into the filter or basket of a . The use of the bag reduces strain on the pool’s filter system and extends the life of the central system. It usually ends the necessity for changing the pool filter once a year.
  • Black Max ModelPolaris 380 Pool Cleaners availability in black makes it a good choice for darker colored pools. The Black Max blends in with the pool bottom without detracting from the beauty of the swimming pool.