There is some confusion regarding the possibility for companies to hire a security guard directly on the staff, as is done with any other employee. Many people believe that it can be done, as this would save some cost to the company, but that is completely false.

You can only hire a Security Watcher through a Security and Surveillance Company.

This is made clear by the Private Security Law 23/1992 in its article 1, which specifies that only private security activities and services of this nature can be performed by security companies duly approved.

In addition, as required by Article 12 of Law 23/1992, security guards must be integrated into security companies in order to carry out their duties. Any such breach of the Private Security Act may be considered to be very serious to slight and both customers and employees be punished with the same harshness.

As an example, if a Security Watchman works for a company forming part of the company’s personnel, he loses all legal rights that assist him to exercise any surveillance and protection function. Therefore, you cannot register a person if there is suspicion of the commission of a crime when the security arc of a trade is shot, or ask the DNI to identify a person. And if he did, a sanction could be placed on the premises and the Security Officer himself.

Any company or business that needs a Security Vigilante must contract its services through a security company duly homologated, that meets all the requirements required by the Law. This is the only way to obtain a professional service that guarantees the protection of your assets and of the people who are there.

Fast Guard Service Security Services Company responsible for hiring security guards, verifying that they have the necessary qualification (TIP) and always up-to-date knowledge, are responsible for designing an action plan and work for each specific service and for supervising the correct operation of the security services for each client, with the necessary inspections and training.

A different case would be that of Service Assistants, who perform other functions of lesser responsibility, which are complementary to those of security guards and are prohibited from doing, such as maintenance, reception, etc.

This type of personnel, which is not supervised by the police, can be hired directly by the companies that need these services. In that case it could save some initial costs, but also a waiver of the benefits of outsourcing these services, as the auxiliary companies are in charge of inspecting the staff and the correct development of their work, train the worker and plan their working day, take care of surpluses for vacations or casualties, and assume all the labor and contractual responsibilities with that employee.