Summer came, and in addition to the beach, pool and vacation, summer comes with a lot of heat and dryness in the environment, plus some thunderstorms. All this can cause a fire. It can also be provoked or accidental by someone’s recklessness. We may be talking about a forest fire or a fire in your own home. Since the fire danger is greater in summer, the company¬†Fire Watch giving you a series of tips that you can comfortably read and will serve you in case you are ever in a fire. Explain these indications also to your children so that they know how to react to this situation. It is essential that they know that the most dangerous thing in a fire is not fire, but gases (smoke).

The basic rules of action that should be followed in case of fire and what should be taught to the children are the following:

  • If it is a small fire and we have a fire extinguisher at hand it is best to turn it off after calling the firemen and following the indications of these by telephone while they arrive.
  • Of course nobody should stop to take personal objects, because we can lose them and also life.
  • In case of fire avoid inhaling smoke by covering your mouth and nose with a wet or damp garment to prevent these toxic gases from entering our lungs.
  • To escape from the stay and the fire it is best to go as close to the ground as possible, as the smoke rises, so crawling will prevent us from inhaling even more smoke.
  • When you go out the door you should touch it first and if it is hot it is best not to open it because there could be fire outside and it would spread even more.
  • Never, never use the elevator in case of fire, since the opening of the appliance is the ideal place that works as a fire chimney, so it is more dangerous than going down the stairs.
  • If they have fire around the clothing they should fall to the ground and roll over themselves to extinguish the fire. This is very important to teach children.
  • Never enter the building again for someone, it is best to wait for the fire department to take care of it.

The best thing for these techniques to be taught by children and the elderly is to do small drills at home, in addition to school, and take them as games that have to pass according to the rules: maximum times, meeting points and all previous recommendations.